The Love/Hate Challenge

Rami Ungar has challenged me to do the Love/Hate Challenge. What I have to do is write ten things I love, ten things I hate, and then challenge ten other bloggers to do the same. (I don’t know ten off the top of my head, so I’ll do those I can.)

So here goes…

10 Things I Love

1.  Writing.  Everything else revolves around this one, so it has to be first.

2.  Blogging.  It’s an off-shoot of writing, but it’s fun because I’ve been able to meet some really neat people this way.

3.  Facebook.  Again, it’s the people I have gotten to know over there that makes this so enjoyable.

4.  Hiking.  And the Chaco shoes Lauralynn Elliott recommended are awesome.  I haven’t had feet pain ever since I took her advice and got a pair.

5.  Scary shows/movies/books.  But…I like psychological scary, not the slasher kind.  (I grew up on the Twilight Zone and Tales from the Darkside, so I attribute this to my upbringing.)

6.  Driving on a deserted road.  Especially when the air is warm and the windows are rolled down and the music is loud.

7.  Chocolate.  I love all kinds.  I don’t discriminate.

8.  Puzzles.  I’m not a fan of 1000 pieces, but I enjoy the 500 ones a lot.

9.  Clean house.  When there’s no clutter, I think and write a lot better.

10.  Cherry Limeade.  I had this last summer, and it is probably the best tasting drink I’ve ever had.

10 Things I Hate

1.  Cooking.  I do it, but I hate it.  If I could eat out for every meal, I would.  I’d rather clean the bathroom than cook.  That is how much I hate it.  LOL

2.  Bugs.  Get one near me, and I’m running for the spray to kill it.

3.  Debt.  This really should be #1, but cooking was the first thing that came to mind.

4.  High heels and dresses.  I’m a pants and hiking shoes kind of girl.  Comfort rules any day of the week.

5.  Crowded areas.  I can function in a crowded area, but I don’t like the feeling of being pressed in from all sides.

6.  Sticky messes.  Because I’m the one who has to clean them up.  All you moms know exactly what I’m talking about.

7.  Sleep.  Yes, in theory I should enjoy this, but when I’m asleep, I can’t write.  That bums me out.

8.  Tomato soup and juice.  I love tomatoes and ketchup, but for some reason the soup and juice version never sat well with me.

9.  Road construction.  I’m guessing there isn’t anyone who likes this one.

10.  Senseless debates.  There are some things people don’t agree on, so what’s the point in arguing?  I  don’t like it when people try to change my mind, so I don’t go around trying to change theirs.  Treat others the way you’d want to be treated is the motto I like to live by.

Now, to pass this on to some people.  (I know some of you are super busy so you don’t have to do this.)

Janet Syas Nitsick

Stephannie Beman

Lauralynn Elliott

Paula Freda

Meline Nilles

Link it back to me in the comments below, so I can read what you guys put down. :D

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Flash Fiction Story

I love horror and thrillers, especially the psychological kind.  Beyond Return of the Aliens and a YA story I wrote way back in 1995 or so, I hadn’t really written anything in the horror or thriller genres.  I enjoy both thrillers and horror, but I prefer more of the psychological type.  I’m not much into the whole slasher ones.

Anyway, last November I went to a writer’s conference, and there was this workshop on writing flash fiction.  Afterwards, I decided to try my hand at both horror and flash fiction. This piece is the result of my experiment.

late one night ebook cover

I thought I’d go ahead and publish it on Smashwords.  Otherwise, it was sitting on my computer doing nothing.  I don’t know if I’ll write any more of these stories, but it was fun to do something different.

Here’s the description of this flash fiction story: A lone traveler arrives at an old house in the middle of the night. Even creepier than the house is the man who lives there. But not everything is as it seems.

If you’re interested, you can read it at Smashwords.

I am going to try a flash fiction piece for romance to see if I can do it.

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Done with the first draft

royal hearts ebook cover

I finished it today.   I have this on preorder for November 20 to give myself time to get it through the editing stages and to give myself some breathing room during the move to Montana.  (I haven’t officially moved yet, but I will early next month.  Right now, it’s a matter of getting things wrapped up in Nebraska.)

Books 2-4 in the series will not have sex in them.

Though I’ve been working on this book, I have been thinking of the next one in the series.  In doing so, I realized a sex scene isn’t necessary in that one.  There is nothing it would add to the plot or to the growth of the characters.  I enjoy putting sex scenes into books, but only if the sex adds something.  I don’t believe in adding sex just to have it there.  If sex doesn’t somehow add to the book, I see no reason to have it there.

So…in realizing I don’t need sex in book 3 and sex doesn’t fit anywhere in book 4, I decided to remove sex from book 2.  The sex in book 2 was more optional than mandatory.  In book 1 it worked because that was when Hathor truly felt loved by Ann.  But it’s not necessary in the rest of the series.  One of the perks of self-publishing is being able to call the shots on what is best for the series.  I don’t like trying to fit my books into someone else’s vision for them.  If I don’t do what is best of the books, the stories end up sucking.

In short, I changed my mind and will keep books 2-4 the way they already were.

Books 2-4 have a high fantasy content.

There are romantic threads through books 2-4.  I don’t know what the percentage is between romance and fantasy, but it is more fantasy-ish than I originally thought.  So to label these as fantasy romance might be misleading.  When I categorize this series, I am going to label it fantasy and romance.

I know these types of books don’t appeal to most of you, which is why I feel it’s important to specify what this series is.  That way, you don’t pick up the books thinking they’re straight out romance when they aren’t.  I want to be are fair and transparent as possible.  As a reader, I hate it when an author misleads me into believing a book is something it isn’t.  I don’t read all books authors I enjoy write, so I understand if you decide to skip this series.  No hard feelings. :D  I’d rather you read the books you will enjoy than reading books you don’t.

Will start this one tomorrow

the royal pursuit ebook cover

I have some downtime before things pick up in a week and a half, so I’m going to use it to get started on book 3.  I would work on Wagon Trail Bride if I thought I could handle it, but that would be too much.  So I’m going to work on this one since it’s not so much work.

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Moving To Montana

First of all, I’m in the process of moving, which will make it harder for me to respond to emails and comments.  I know I don’t get to things right away as it is, but this is going to be even more tricky.  I won’t always be near a computer, and I’ll be overseeing the majority of the moving arrangements.  I don’t care what they say.  A mother’s job is never done. :D

On the plus side, being in Montana, should be good for learning new things that will inspire more historical westerns.  I’m looking forward to it.  I see it as a chance to have a new adventure.  There will be new things to check out and learn.  I expect some will find their way into future books.

All I ask is that you’re patient with me while I make the transition.

This will be out in January

a groom's promise

Janet Syas Nitsick and I had to push the date back on this one.  She’d dealing with health issues in her family, and I’m moving.  So things are just too hectic to do anything right now.  I’ll change the status on the “Works in Progress” page so everyone can see it’ll be out in January.

Enchanted Galaxy Series

royal hearts ebook cover

I’m at Chapter 21 right now.  I plan to finish that up today.  I’d say I’m about 3/4 of the way through with it.  I still expect to finish the full draft on June 20.  Then I move onto Book 3 (The Royal Pursuit) on and off.  The deadline on Book 3 is July 31.

I haven’t forgotten this one.


I still have this on my list.  It depends on how soon things settle on when I can get to it.

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The Earl’s Stolen Bride is Now Available!

It’s now on iBooks, so I figured it’s a good time to go ahead and do this post.  Now all my main bases are covered with the links for this book. :)

Book 4 in the Marriage by Deceit Series.

Book 4 in the Marriage by Deceit Series.

Amazon USAmazon UK | Amazon Canada | Amazon Australia | Amazon Germany

iBooks US | iBooks Australia | iBooks New Zealand | iBooks Canada

Barnes & Noble USBarnes & Noble UK



*If I’m missing a link to your country, let me know.

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