First Draft of Ruined by the Earl is Done!

Ruined by the Earl ebook cover

I finished it yesterday afternoon and am currently in the final stages of the initial edits.  (I’ve been editing as I’ve been going on this book, which is why I am behind in my reading of Snake.  Rami, I’m still reading it. :) I just had to put it aside while I was finishing up this project.)

So next up, I’ll send the book out later this week to my editing team.  I’m going to give them a full month to work on it, so this won’t be out until April.  I had been shooting for March, but I don’t want to rush the editing because I want this book to be as polished up as possible before it goes into the world.

This is my favorite Regency to date of the ones I’ve done.  The hero was so much fun to write.  Yes, he was a bit on the conceited side, but he had some of the best lines (and thoughts) that had me laughing through most of the book.  And the heroine was pretty cute, too, with the way she had to justify snooping around his things to learn more about him.  This was one of the funnest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing.  If you get my sense of humor, I think you’ll enjoy it equally as much.  (I know my type of humor isn’t for everyone.)

Anyway, I’m going to estimate the second week of April for this book’s release. :D

I already have plans for a third Regency series, even though I have one more book (The Earl’s Stolen Bride) to finish for this series.  The next Regency series (Marriage by Arrangement) will feature the same group of characters that have shown up in the other Regency series I’ve done.  I’m going to have Helena (heroine in Love Lessons with the Duke) arrange marriages based on different issues of compatibility, though the couples being fixed up may not agree she picked the right one for them.  This should be a lot of fun.  And already I have planned out Malcolm’s story for that series.  (Malcolm is the heroine’s brother in Ruined by the Earl.)

I’ll go more into the next series next year.  Right now I need to get The Earl’s Stolen Bride done then work on my novella in A Groom’s Promise, Wagon Trail Bride and finish up the Enchanted Galaxy Series.  I’m also getting the first draft blog ready.  (I heard Amazon may or may not have issues with people who do a first draft on a blog when they go to publish a book.  I don’t know if that’s for authors who go into their Select program or for everyone.  I never join Amazon’s Select program because I want my books to be available on the other book sites like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, and Flipkart.)  Hopefully, there will be no issues that pop up with doing a first draft blog.  If there is, I’ll have to take it back down, which isn’t something I want to do.  So fingers crossed.

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Will Be Doing the First Draft Blog Again (Probably Starting in April)

I’ve been thinking of resuming a first draft blog for about half a year.  I wanted to make sure I really wanted to go through with it before I made this post.  I was looking at Wattpad since it’s a place authors place chapters of their books for people to read, but in studying the site, I realized it wasn’t for me.  I like Wattpad and what it offers, but it doesn’t fit what I want to do.  I don’t want a critique.  I’m not looking for a beta reader.  Those things seem to be what Wattpad is all about, and those don’t interest me.  (That’s what my current beta readers and editors are for, and I use them after the first draft is done.)

All I really want is to be able to share my first draft with you guys.  A couple of you have told me you used to look forward to those posts, and I never forgot that.  It means a lot to me that you’d be willing to stick with me like that.  And it means a lot that you continue to stick with me after all these years.  I published my first romance on Amazon and Smashwords back in 2009.  Though time has passed, often it feels like it was just yesterday.  And I remember some of you contacted me early on to offer me encouragement.  It made all the difference in March 2010 when I hit a particular low point and was ready to give up.

From that point, the encouragement and support has only grown, and words don’t adequately express how blessed I am because of all you’ve done for me.

So when I thought about doing a first draft blog again, I realized I wanted to do it so we could both have something to look forward to and enjoy together.

I’m still in the process of getting it set up.  I’m planning on 500 words 5 days a week.  (This will allow me some wiggle room in case the kids get sick.)  I’ll be scheduling posts in advance so they can be on time Monday through Friday at 8am.  (That is US Central Time. I know some of you are overseas, so it’ll be in the evening for some of you.)

To get myself back into the routine, I’m going to start with something short and easy, so I decided to write a prequel to the novella I did in Bride by Design under my pen name, Barbara Joan Russell.  This will be Sadie and Clark’s romance, and I’m calling it “Betting On Love”.  I figure it’ll either be a novelette or novella.  I’m not sure yet.

After that, I should be warmed up to do longer stories, and I’ve decided Wagon Trail Bride will be the one I’ll post.

When I’m ready to start posting on the blog, I’ll give the link to it.  Right now, I’m still getting it organized.  I also need to finish and edit Ruined by the Earl before I can properly focus on another story.   It’s looking like I’ll finish with the first draft this upcoming week, and I will hopefully have it published at the end of March.  *fingers crossed*  So I’m going to estimate early April is when I’ll have the first draft blog ready to go.

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Could Love Develop From Knocking a Man with a Parasol? (Ruth Interviews Winifred Preston–a heroine in A Groom’s Promise

I recently interviewed Winifred Preston, heroine in “When the Whistle Blows” which is one of the novellas in our anthology A Groom’s Promise.

a groom's promise

I start off by reading an excerpt from the story where Winifred knocks poor Hugh with her parasol, and from there, the two stumble around.  I dare say Winifred even showed some ankle during this episode, and that is quite shocking when you consider her author is Janet Syas Nitsick.

But it is one of my favorite scenes because Hugh has a great sense of humor through the whole thing.  I love a man who knows how to laugh. :)

Below is the video of our interview…

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FB Party for Bride by Design Release is on February 17!

Bride By Design New Ebook Cover

Catherine Lynn and I are hosting a party on Facebook to celebrate the release of our anthology!  We hope you’ll hop on over to chat with us as we discuss weddings and anything else on your mind. :)  The party is on February 17, and it’ll be an all-day event.

Where is the Party?

Here’s the link to the party!

We have lots of prizes to give out, so I’m going to post them on this blog for easy reference.

Where Do You Enter?

Please enter on the actual FB page.  We are pinning this post to the very top and will have ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY on it.  This is where you will enter for the giveaway.  (We need to have one entry place to help keep everything organized. :D)

How Will We Pick Winners?


When Will Winners Be Announced?

February 18 around 7-8pm Central Standard Time (United States).  You can enter for the giveaway anywhere from February 16 when we post this on Facebook to February 18 7pm. We want to be sure people in other countries have a chance to win.

Some Prizes Are Open for International Winners

Please check to make sure the particular prize is open for people outside the United States.  We will list which prizes are open to International winners.  All prizes are open to US winners.  (Gift cards don’t always work in other countries, which is why we can’t gift those to international winners.)

What Can You Win?

Below is a list of all the prizes.  Just put in the # you want to enter for in your comment on the FB page.  You can pick as many prizes as you want, but you can only win one of those numbers.  For example, if you pick #3 and #5, might only select you as the winner for #5.

If you have already purchased Bride by Design, then I’ll offer a copy of Ruined by the Earl when it comes out in either late March or early April.  (I forgot to mention this party sooner on this blog, and I know some of you have already bought Bride by Design.)

Now for the Prizes….

#1: Necklace and Earrings + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords): Open to US Winners


# 2:  Necklace and Earrings + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords): Open to US Winners


#3: Necklace and Earrings + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon and Smashwords): Open to US Winners


#4: Necklace and Earrings + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords): Open to US Winners


#5: Choker + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords): Open to US Winners


#6: Necklace + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords): Open to US and International Winners


#7: Necklace + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords): Open to US and International Winners


#8: Necklace + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords): Open to US and International Winners


#9: Necklace and Earrings + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords): Open to US and International Winners

necklace and earrings

#10: Earrings + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords): Open to US and International Winners


#11:  $25 Amazon Gift Card + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords) : Open to US Winners

Amazon gift card

#12: $25 Amazon Gift Card + Bride by Design Ebook (gifted from Amazon or Smashwords): Open to US Winners

Amazon gift card

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Love Lessons With The Duke Is Now Available

I know I’m a little late in getting this out, but I spent a good portion of the weekend getting everything ready to send into my accountant.  Since I’m not the most organized person on the planet, I’m sure I missed something. :)

Anyway, Love Lessons With the Duke is now out, and I’m going to post the links before I forget.  On Tuesday, I need to get another post up, so I’m going to need to get this out tonight.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s!

Love Lessons with the Duke

This is book 2 in the Marriage by Deceit Series.  

Camden Hollis, the Duke of Ashbourne, needs to pay off his brother’s debts, but all he has is a troubled estate. So when he hears that Lady Seyton is known for teaching ladies what to do to secure marriages by the end of the Season, he comes to her for help.

Helena Walter, the Lady of Seyton, doesn’t know what to think of Camden’s unusual request. How could a titled gentleman who is so good looking need help getting a wife? Her initial response is to turn him down, thinking he is merely wasting her time. But then she catches him bumbling through a conversation with a lady, and realizes he–more than anyone–needs her help.

And so the lessons begin. But before long, Camden is convinced she’s the perfect one for him. She, however, is a widow and is happy with her freedom. He might find it’ll require a scandal to get the two things he wants most: a love match and securing his estate.

Books in the Marriage by Deceit Series
Book 1: The Earl’s Secret Bargain
Book 2: Love Lessons With The Duke
Book 3: Ruined by the Earl – coming out either late March or early April
Book 4: The Earl’s Stolen Bride – coming out before June


Barnes & Noble






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Bride by Design is Available One Day Sooner Than I Expected

Since I was such a stinker in the last post, I thought it was only fair to let you know the book already went up.  Parchment & Plume (my publisher) is quick!

Bride By Design New Ebook Cover

So without further ado, here are the links:





Will be out in iBooks Soon (no link available yet)

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