The Accidental Mail Order Bride is Now Available!

It’s finally out! ¬† And yes, I do reveal who killed Lydia in this one.ūüôā

I’ve always wanted to do a Beauty and the Beast type of romance, and in this story, I finally got to do it.

Quickly, here’s a list of all the books in the Chance at Love Series:

  • Book 1: The Convenient Mail Order Bride
  • Book 2: The Mistaken Mail Order Bride
  • Book 3: The Accidental Mail Order Bride
  • Book 4: The Bargain Mail Order Bride (This is Carl’s story. ¬†It will be out by January 7!)

Without further ado, here’s the information on The Accidental Mail Order Bride:


Eric Johnson’s real mail order bride shows up later than expected, and she quickly learns he is already married. Now Allie Jones is stuck in a small Colorado town with no way to leave. She must either marry the only suitable bachelor or risk being sold to the saloon’s owner to be one of the soiled doves. Seeing she has no real choice, she agrees to marry the bachelor.

Rumored as being a monster by the people in town, Travis Martin is content to live alone, sheltered in the wooded area of the mountainside. The last thing he expects is a preacher when there’s a knock on the door. With great hesitation, he agrees to the marriage. He can’t confine such a beautiful young lady to the saloon, but he knows the marriage won’t be a happy one for her, not when she could have had someone so much better.

So the best thing he can do is keep his distance and leave her alone. She, however, can’t help but be intrigued by her new husband. Is he the ugly beast the people in town claim, or is there something beautiful worth loving just beneath the surface?


Barnes & Noble




For those of you who would like to read the extra scene I write for each story I publish, you can either join my email list or join me at this private Facebook group. ¬†I post the additional scenes in both places. ¬†So if you don’t want to be on the email list, you can always catch it on Facebook.

Here’s the link to sign up for the email list.

Here’s the link to join the Facebook group.¬†(Just ask to join, and Janet or I will get you in.)

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The past week was hectic, so I didn’t get a chance to make a post. ¬†Now that I caught up on my emails, I’m ready to make a post.ūüôā

The Accidental Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love Series: Book 3) will be out August 27!


That puts it one week ahead of schedule. ¬†I do reveal the person who murdered Lydia (Carl’s wife in The Mistaken Mail Order Bride). ¬†The romance in this book was based off the Beauty and the Beast scenario, something I’ve been wanting to do for years. ¬†Sometimes a plot sits on the back shelf until the right characters come along. ¬†This was one of those times.

You can pre-order it on these sites today if you wish to receive it as soon as it comes out:


Barnes & Noble



The Viscount’s Runaway Bride (Marriage by Bargain: Book 1)


Click here to reserve your copy!

This is the start a new Regency series, but it will include the same cast of characters from the other Regency books I’ve written. ¬†This book actually starts off on where The Earl’s Wallflower Bride ended. ¬†Warren’s friend, Anthony (the one with the horrible sister and friend whom Iris hated) is the hero of this book.

In this book, we will get to see Iris again, and Anthony’s new wife will become Iris’ friend as the two go up against Anthony’s sister (Celia) and the his sister’s friend (Loretta). ¬†But…before you think I don’t have plans for either Celia or Loretta, they actually get their own books later in this series. ¬†Yes, the two are horrible in The Earl’s Wallflower Bride and The Viscount’s Runaway Bride, but they are redeemable, much like Warren was. ¬†(I’ll discuss Loretta’s book further into this post.)

I estimate this book to be out in either October or November, though I did set the pre-order date in April. ¬†It’s easier to bump a date up than it is to push it back. ¬†At the moment, I am in chapter 11 of this book, so I’m halfway done. ¬†I see no reason why I can’t have it out by November at the latest.

Groom For Hire (Pioneer Series: Book 3) is due out in December 

Groom for Hire

Specifically, I’m looking at December 18. ¬†That’s what I told my publisher. ¬†(It will be on pre-order soon.)

The books in this series up to now are as follows:

  • Wagon Trail Bride: Book 1
  • The Marriage Agreement: Book 2
  • Groom For Hire: Book 3

I did something really rotten to poor Joe. ¬†The woman he contracted to marry looks a lot like Amanda. ¬†They say we have a look-a-like out there somewhere, and the heroine in this book happens to be Amanda’s. ¬†I didn’t plan it that way. ¬†It just popped up when I was writing.

But, the heroine only looks like Amanda. ¬†She’s nothing like her.ūüôā

I’m currently on chapter five, and they just started heading to California. ¬†So exciting stuff is coming ahead.

The Bargain Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love Series: Book 4)

The_Bargain_Mail_Order_Bride_new version

Click here to reserve your copy!

This book is due out January 7.

It will complete the Chance at Love Series.  The books in this series are as follows:

  • The Convenient Mail Order Bride: Book 1
  • The Mistaken Mail Order Bride: Book 2
  • The Accidental Mail Order Bride: Book 3
  • The Bargain Mail Order Bride: Book 4

I don’t know how, but Carl and Abe (the two half-brothers) are going to end up being friends in this book. ¬†From Book 1 when Carl and Abe were got into that physical fight on Carl’s property, I knew they were going to end up being friends. ¬†I have no idea how this is going to happen. ¬†I just know it is.

This is why I love writing without an outline. ¬†Writing for a panster is like seeing only a few pieces of the puzzle. ¬†You know certain things will happen, but until the story is being written, you have no idea how it’ll all connect. ¬†I’ve been anxious to write this book ever since I finished The Convenient Mail Order Bride. ¬†So I’m very excited about this one. ¬†Carl’s character fascinates me in the same way Neil Craftsman’s did. ¬†He’s as wounded as Neil was but the time Neil took Sarah into his home. ¬†It’ll be fun to see how a good woman will open him up and turn him onto a hero worthy of her.

On The Immediate To Write List:

The Rake’s Vow (Marriage by Bargain: Book 2)


Remember above that I said Loretta (Anthony’s mean sister in The Earl’s Wallflower Bride) will be getting her own book? ¬†Well, this is it. ¬†Anthony’s sister will be in Book 3 of this series, which I have yet to title. ¬†But I already know who his sister ends up with, and let’s just say he’s not happy about it.

I’m hoping to have this out early next year.

His Auctioned Bride (Mislead Mail Order Brides: Book 1)


Finally, Sep (from Shotgun Groom) will get his own book! ¬†I’m hoping to have this out between March – May of next year. ¬†I’ll start this when I finish Groom For Hire.

I know there’s been questions about Vivian and Huge (from Her Heart’s Desire), but I put Sep vs Vivian into a vote in my Facebook group, and Sep won. ¬†So I’m doing his series first. This series will also feature Amanda and Richard’s two twins (Mark and Anthony) since they’re only two years younger than Sep.

I do want to get to Shane’s Deal sometime in 2017, so I’m going to have to do that before I tackle Vivian and Hugh.

The Reclusive Earl (Marriage by Fate: Book 1)


Remember Opal from The Earl’s Wallflower Bride? ¬†She was Warren’s sister. ¬†Well, I’m going to be writing her book, and I’ll start it with a new Regency series. ¬†I’ll be¬†starting this series when I finish with The Bargain Mail Order Bride.

I want this out by April of next year. ¬†We’ll see how things go.

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The Marriage Agreement is Now Available!

This is Book 2 in the Pioneer Series.

For those who read Wagon Trail Bride, this is Jesse and Laura’s story. ¬†Jesse was the man who lost his wife in childbirth, and Laura is Amanda’s friend.

The Marriage Agreement ebook cover

Here’s the description:

Jesse Palmer headed to Omaha with his expectant wife and his mother-in-law. When his wife dies in childbirth, his mother-in-law blames him. And worse, she plans to take his son away from him. In order to keep his son, he needs to marry someone. And who better than the one who makes the offer?

Laura Rufus volunteers to marry Jesse so he can keep his son, knowing full well he’s still mourning the loss of his first wife. The last thing she plans on is falling in love with him, but day by day, his tenderness toward his son makes her wish she hadn’t been so quick to propose a marriage of convenience. Will there ever be something more between them, or will she be stuck with the marriage agreement they made?

You can find it at these retailers:


Barnes & Noble




For a quick reference, here are all of the books in this series:

wagontrailbrideebook2   The Marriage Agreement ebook cover   Groom for Hire

Groom For Hire is Joe Otto’s story, and it’ll be out in December!


I have a special treat for everyone. ¬†During the course of the edits and beta reading, someone mentioned how much she wanted to see Laura’s mother get her happily ever after. ¬†I wrote a flash fiction story and just published it today so you can read it if you’re interested. ¬†It’s only 1,200 words, so it’s free.

This contains spoilers!

 I recommend reading this after you finish The Marriage Agreement.

Ingrid ebook cover with subtitle

Right now it’s only on Smashwords because I just published it.

I expect it to be up on iBooks before the day is over. ¬†It’ll take another day or two to get up on Kobo and Barnes & Noble. ¬†I’m not sure Amazon would set this story to free, so I decided not to publish it there. ¬†I can’t see charging $0.99 for something this short.

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