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Recently, I’ve been making myself go down to the local Barnes & Noble store in town to sit and write, and I noticed my word count almost tripled by doing this.  As it turns out, when I’m not distracted by laundry, cleaning, and cooking, I can get a lot more done.  Who knew?

I’ll try to be brief in this list of what I’m doing because it’s a lot.:)

I’ve had the honor of being asked to be a part of a boxed set with these amazing Regency authors!

This is due out June 7!

The Hero Least Likely banner

Click here to reserve your copy today!

The best part is that this is only $0.99!  Click on the image above to find out more about the books in this boxed set.

I should finish the first draft of The Earl’s Wallflower Bride this week!

Due out Early July!

the earl's wallflower bride ebook cover

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This is book 3 in the Marriage by Arrangement Series.  His Wicked Lady is book 1.  Her Devilish Marquess is book 2.

I won’t spoil it, but toward the end of this book, a plot twist came up that had me so excited that I was almost jumping up and down right in the Barnes & Noble cafe area.  This is why I don’t plot.  I get to come across unexpected twists, and it’s the most thrilling experience I get to have as a writer.  Seriously, I did not see this particular ending coming.  It’s much better than I would have thought possible.

The Emotionally Engaging Character is Done with Edits!


Click here to reserve your copy!

This is book 2 in the Writing Tips Series.  11 Tips for New Writers is book 1, and I will soon have 11 Tips for New Writers up on Amazon.  I’ll put it up when I put the pre-order up for The Emotionally Engaging Character, which should be this weekend.

Remember all those blog posts I did about creating the emotionally engaging character?  I put them into a book with some light revisions.

Next up, I’ll be looking at popular character tropes in stories.

I should be done with the first draft of The Marriage Agreement by June 15!

Due out August 7!

The Marriage Agreement ebook cover

Click here to reserve your copy!

This is book 2 in the Pioneer Series.  Wagon Trail Bride is book 1.  Groom for Hire will be book 3.

Just like Wagon Trail Bride, I have to write scenes out of order.  So every day I write in this book, I usually switch between three different scenes in the story, not sure where each will fit in the timeline. This book is like putting a puzzle together.  I can see the individual pieces, but until I have enough of them, I can’t see the larger picture.  But as it worked in Wagon Trail Bride, it’s also been working in this story, too, and I am happy with the story and how smoothly it plays out (once I get the scene in the right place).

The Accidental Mail Order Bride is almost 1/4 of the way through!

Due out September 4! (Not sure if I can make it sooner, but I’ll try.)


Click here to reserve your copy!

This is book 3 in the Chance at Love Series.  The Convenient Mail Order Bride is book 1.  The Mistaken Mail Order Bride is book 2.  The Bargain Mail Order Bride will be book 4.  I am looking into making a book 5 featuring Caleb (the orphan boy Caroline brings with her in book 2).

And the subplot with the murder of Carl Richie’s wife is going strong in this one.  For all of you who wanted to see Carl suffer because of how he was in The Convenient Mail Order Bride, this is where he gets what’s been coming to him.

And as I promised, I will reveal Lydia Richie’s killer.  Travis is going to be instrumental in it, which is why it has to be this book where it happens.

This book has been so much fun because I’ve been wanting to do a Beauty and the Beast type of story for years.  Now I’m finally getting to do it, and it’s so much more exciting than I thought it’d be.


Those are the main books I’m currently working on.  I do have a preview of what’s coming up in my To-Write Plan:

  1. I’ll be starting a new Regency series once I finish up with The Earl’s Wallflower Bride.  The series takes place in the same world the other Regency books do, so we’ll get to continue to see our favorite characters.  Book 1 in this new series will be The Viscount’s Runaway Bride.
  2. I’ll be continuing with the Chance at Love Series.  I originally planned for this to be three books.  It then became four.  And now I believe it may go on to be at least a couple more because the dynamics between the characters have been surprisingly powerful.  I really want to write Caleb’s story when he becomes an adult.
  3. I will finish up the Pioneer Series with Groom for Hire once done with The Marriage Agreement.
  4. Once I finish Groom for Hire, I want to write Shane’s Deal (which will be book 4 in the Montana Collection).  Mitch’s Win is book 1.  Boaz’s Wager is book 2.  Patty’s Gamble is book 3.  Shane’s Deal with finish the Montana Collection.
  5. After I finish with Shane’s Deal, I plan to start a new historical western series.  Sep (from Shotgun Groom) will finally get his story in His Auctioned Bride which will be book 1.  I’m not sure what other characters we’ll see in this series, but I’ll do my best to bring in some of the Larsons.  I have to see where the characters are in the timeline to see who is old enough to fit in.

So that’s a quick sneak peak ahead of what you can expect for the rest of this year and going into the next.

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The Mistaken Mail Order Bride is Now Available

Here’s a quick overview of the Chance at Love Series:

The Convenient Mail Order Bride (Book 1) – already available

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride (Book 2) – released today

The Accidental Mail Order Bride (Book 3) – due out September 4 (you can pre-order if you want)

The Bargain Mail Order Bride (Book 4) – due out January 7, 2017 (or sooner, depending on how things go, and yes, you can pre-order this, too)

Here are the links to buy The Mistaken Mail Order Bride:

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride

Eric Johnson has been writing to his mail-order bride for months, and at long last, the day she’s due to arrive has come. Only, the young lady who comes off the stagecoach isn’t at all what he expected. She’s homely in appearance, and she has an orphan child with her.

However, he is a man of his word, so he’s going to marry her. He had enjoyed their correspondence over the past year, after all, and really, initial impressions aren’t everything. But when the preacher pronounces them husband and wife, he finds out she’s the wrong lady.

Caroline Benton’s just as shocked as he is, not realizing she’d gotten off at the wrong town and followed the wrong man home. Why, oh why, didn’t she think to ask him his name? Now she and the orphan child she brought with her are stuck in a strange town with a man who’d been waiting for someone else.

She can’t imagine he’s at all happy to be paired up with her for the rest of his life. Not only is she rather unattractive, but she doesn’t know the first thing about housekeeping. Just what is she supposed to do to convince him it’s not the end of the world that he married the wrong mail-order bride?


Barnes & Noble




A couple more things:

I’d love to know your opinion about the email I just sent out to those of you on my email new release list.

If you’re on my email list, I am going to do something different this time.  Instead of putting in an extra scene (prologue, epilogue, or deleted scene), I decided to explain the orphan’s backstory and then discuss the gun laws back in the historical old west (in the United States) from the research I did.  Below, I am including a contact form you can fill out to let me know what you prefer.  The most popular response will be the thing I’ll go with.

(If the form doesn’t work, you can leave a comment below this post.)

Also, Janet Syas Nitsick and I have a private Facebook group.

It’s a casual group where we can talk about anything that’s on your mind. If you’d like to join, here’s the link.  Just ask to join and we’ll let you in.😀



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Day 3 of the 3 Day Quote Challenge

I got nominated by wivesrepublic to participate in the quote challenge. You can check out her blog posts here.

moon and stars

ID 53713504 © Ionescu Viorica | Dreamstime.com

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” (by Norman Vincent Peale)

This is my third favorite, and what I like most about it is that it encourages people to shoot for their dreams.  I don’t want to live my life holding back because I let fear hold me back.  I believe at the end of my life, I’ll only regret the changes I never took.  So to me, it’s worth taking the risk.  And I’m passing on this quote (and my reasoning for picking it) to anyone who might be inspired to shoot for their dreams.:)


Wivesrepublic does a much better job with posting graphics than I do, so I don’t have a neat way of displaying the rules. What I’ll do instead is type them out:

  1. Post for 3 consecutive days.
  2. Select and share 1-3 quotes per day.
  3. Challenge 3 bloggers to join each day.

I’m not sure who else might want to do this challenge, but I’ll pass it on to anyone who’d like to participate.

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